Korgonthurus was formed by Kryth and Sedit in the winter of 2000. They started playing in a Black/Heavy metal bandcalled EVERLOST in 1998.The band was doomed because our guitarist (not Sedit)was the only member who knew how to play.

After EVERLOST Kryth and Sedit started to practise together and write their own songs.The original music they wrote was nothing like they play these days In the beginning of 2000 they formed a band of their own called SOULLESS, and Hircus came into the picture then. It wasHircus' first band, but because the lack of time and Kryth's car accident they buried that project, and because it was going nowhere.They had very shitty equipment and a to small space where to play, the songs were too boring and the band spirit was not very good.

The trio formed a Doom/Death band in the mid '00, but no-one was really playing what they wanted.Sedit and Kryth still tried to make new songs, but in one practises they got bored with the doom-tempo crap and started jamming something that sounded like DARKTHRONE...

That was the birth of KORGONTHURUS!They quickly made three songs and began to practise them.Then Kryth snapped... he wanted to make a demo after one week.The made "Root of Evil" after 5 weeks passed from the birth of the band. Shortly after the demo they grabbed Fyrgo, a long time friend of the band into the darkened horde of KORGONTHURUS.

Few months later Kryth left the band because he didn'd have enough time and he wanted to dedicate to his other band. Now they are busy with making new material with a new drummer, and hoping for a record deal.