New Drummer!
We finally found a new drummer,
and we are starting to pratactise new songs.

Korgonthurus on MP3.COM
"Ikuisuuden Arvet" and "Black Wings" are now free to download
at, more songs coming soon! 

Kryth has left the band!
We`re looking for a new drummer.

Release Date 
Black Wings Of Hate will be released 13.5.2000...
All mp3 are online!!!
Korgonthurus Live 28.4.01. 
More information coming soon! 
The live act will be filmed, 
and it will published in internet!!! Black Wings of hate(ep) will be recorded
right after the gig!!! Come to our gig, and listen our new songs!!! 
Mp3's will be available in few days. be patient! 

Korgonthurus is entering in the studio again
The new demo will be called "Black Wings of Hate". 
We are ready to enter the studio again with three new songs. 
Track list: "Ikuisuuden Arvet","Saint Among Sinners" and "Black Wings". 
We'll inform you all as soon as we have some news about when we are going to 
the studio. New pictures added of Sedit and Hircus! 

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